Keyword Research Tools

keyword research tools
keyword research tools

Keyword Research Tools


Are you searching for keyword research tools? These are the only tools that help a blogger in every sense to obtain indexing on Google SERP. So this article is for you even if you know still you find new ones in this. So stay tuned.


Some keyword research tools are free and some need payment to be done and then they give accurate results. In this article, we will list out a few tools that help you in keyword research, and why keywords are important, what role does the keyword plays.

What are the keywords?

Keywords are those words or phrases that the audience or user targets on Google SERP. These words are searched by users and are known as keywords. These are those words that tell the search engines about your blog or article.

What role does keyword play?

All organization or companies ranking on specific keywords if when targeted by their audience, Google list out their results on search engines. They are important as these keywords are only responsible for getting our website or web page listed on the search engine. The keyword plays a very important role in SEO.

Role of keywords in SEO

Using proper keyword not only helps in listing on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing but also helps in reaching out to millions of people online. Keyword in content with 1-2% keyword density helps in deriving more traffic that ultimately increases our listing on search engines.

The big organization does huge invested in targeting the right keyword for its content in order to get good results or return for their work.

Now the question arises on how to find the good or right keywords for your website or content?
The solution to this problem is solved by our article prepared by Realities Mirror. Here in this article, we will list our few tools that are FREE to surf or even paid for better results.

Let us get started

Keyword research tools list

1. Google Keyword Planner – This tool does not only helps in advertising but also helps in keyword research by showing CPC.

2. Ubersuggest – Tool from Neil Patel, makes you find new keywords with ideas easily.

3. Ahref – This is a paid tool that helps in finding competitors backlinks, helps in SEO analysis, SEO audit, keyword research, and content research also. This tool provides you every notification about link lost and many other things.

4. KW Finder – This tool allows users to go for long-tail keywords. You can also try this tool for FREE.

5. Keyword Revealer –This tool saves your time by finding low competition keywords.

6. Soolve – It allows us to surf those keywords which are highly searched on different search engines.

7. Google Trends – This tool helps you in finding trending topics on which you can even write blogs as well and ultimately helps in finding new highly demanded keywords.

8. Keyworddit – This tool explores keywords directly from Reddit.

9. – This tool provides you with those searched terms that people also ask.

10. Rank Math – It is a WordPress plugin that helps in optimizing content with suggestions.

11. SERPsim – It generates search results snippet.

12. Answer the Public – Answer The Public is a keyword that envisions search questions and recommended searches in a picture.

13. Keyword Surfer – It is Chrome free extension that helps in suggesting large volume keywords.


I hope we come across your mind by solving your query and if you don’t know about Search Engine Optimization go for the SEO guide in Realities Mirror.


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