H1 Headings For SEO – Why They Matter

h1 heading
h1 heading

H1 Headings For SEO – Why They Matter


H1 tags are really important for blogs even in SEO. Today in this article you will get all the information related to Headings in this blog post, what is Heading, Why Headings are important. What is its importance? H1 headings for SEO- why they matter?

Without headings, posts seem quite less interesting and boring to readers.

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Posts without headings really have a high bounce rate as people find posts without headings less engaging.

You must have headings in your blog post while posting it to make it user friendly.

For every heading, you must include 250-300 words.

For every heading, there must be two paragraphs.

For every paragraph, there must be 140-150 words.

Different types of heading tags –
1. H1
2. H2
3. H3
4. H4
5. H5
6. H6

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What is the H1 heading?

It is a tag that is used to represent a blog post title. For every post, there must be a title that must be in the H1 heading so that it is quite engaging.

The H1 heading focuses mainly on important keywords. If you are writing an article then the title of that article is the main H1 heading of the blog post.

If we talk about SEO, search engines scan H1 and H2 tags in prior that’s why we use H1 as the main heading and H2 as subheadings.

How to use heading in a blog post?

When you write an article title or the main heading automatically turn the H1 heading.

When we write an article, text format includes –

1. the Main heading – we basically use H1 or H2 headings as the main heading. But h1 or h2 must be the main keywords.

2. Subheading – for subheadings we use the H3 tag. We can put our entire text in the H3 heading.

3. Rest heading – for other rest headings we can also use H4 heading tags.

4. Default heading – by default when we write an article the heading tag used that time termed as the default heading tag. It can be H1, H2 H3, or H5 and H6.

How to use the H1 tag in a blog post?

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We cannot use the H1 tag directly for main headings instead we must choose HTML tags as per requirements.
Click heading or HTML tags choose heading tag as per requirements. In this way, we can choose heading tags for representing our blog post and making It more engaging.



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