Middle Class Family

Middle class family
Middle class family

Middle-Class Family

In this world there are three types of people number one- The upper class, the Middle class and the third one is the lower class. In this article, we will be talking about the Middle-class family, their lifestyle, and the problems they face in their day to day life.


In present times, especially media is so busy covering up the farmer’s protest, political people just for the sake of the TRP’s of their news channel. We heard many times seeing lower people’s problems and their difficult lives as well as we have seen rich people doing charity but in between this race of lower and rich people media and people badly forgot the middle-class people.

Middle-class people daily fights with their thoughts and these lower and rich people to survive. They need to struggle to settle down. The government has made relaxation for poor people who can’t afford it but have forgotten completely about the daily struggle of the middle class.

They earn money not to enjoy but to survive. They don’t have Godfather’s property or land that can save them from doing struggle. Actually, these people are real strugglers.

Ultimately they become scraper. They earn they save they spend they struggle and the cycle goes on till life exists

The future generation of these middle class has to face a bitter reality about accepting the fact that they have to survive and pay huge amounts of TAX and many other things.

Habits of middle-class people

1. Thinking about their future as soon as the child is born, the only reason for this is their parents want their children to stay away from this bad lifestyle.

2. Remove the antenna or dish from the TV as soon as the lightning strikes in the monsoon. So that electricity does not come down.

3. Ejecting new crockery when guests arrive.

4. Stop every street hawker and ask about their prices.

5. Do not send utensils empty if neighbors bring anything to the house.

6. After any work is done at home, share the food left with neighbors.

The problem faced by middle-class people

1. Money problem – Middle-class people hardly pay electricity bills and with the increasing costs of everything, it becomes very difficult for them to survive this.

2. Medical problems – Most middle-class people rarely go for health checkups on regular basis due to their busy schedule or modest salary.

3. Technology issues – People working in the company’s for them it becomes necessary to have good knowledge over new technologies and must have laptops or even smart-phones.

4. Dream failure – they dream big but can’t afford it due to reality.

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